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Mini Kids Drumset
Recommended Ages 3 to 6
Item #DS-1

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Your budding young drummer will be keeping the beat in no time with this little 3 piece pro-like drumset! Designed after the "grown-up" drums, this small child drumset features a 13" bass drum, 10" snare drum, 8" tom, 8" brass cymbal, metal rims and attachments, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, tuning key and real "tuneable" drumheads! Add to this "real wood drum shells" and this makes the perfect music gift for kids! This kids drumset is available in colors: BLACK, PINK, or RED.

Some assembly needed for this child drumkit. Shipping to continental USA only. This item will be shipped from another location. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.

This childs drumset does not feature a drum seat.

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