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DRUM FIRE - Kids Junior Drumsets
Recommended Ages 8 and up
Item #DS-50

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This Drumfire junior-sized drum set features all the quality and advantages of a full-sized model, but is scaled down for the smallest percussionist. It comes complete with everything you need to tune, setup, and drum. A quality drumset at a reasonable price is just what your budding young drummer needs to start drumming! The junior drumset by Drumfire features a 16" x 11" bass drum, 12" x 5" snare drum with stand, 10" x 7" tom, 11" x 7" tom, 13" x 10" floor tom, 12" ride cymbal, 9.5" hi-hats with stand, metal drum hardware, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, drum throne, tuning key and real tunable drumheads! The drumset also has real wood drum shells for added durability unlike many other kids’ drumsets that have plastic shells.
This kids drum set is available in two finished colors: Black or Wine Red.

Please note: Some assembly is required for this child drum kit. This item will be shipped from another location. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
Shipping to continental USA only.

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